Unsere Filmprojekte für den Erhalt der Unterwasserwelt

Conservation around Fregate Island


Since 2018, Blancpain and Fregate Island Private have joined forces to study, restore and preserve the marine environment around the island located in the sapphire seas of the Seychelles. Coralive.org, BlueNomads.Org Survey Philippines and other partners led the field projects on Fregate Island. A new short film by filmmakers Chris Keller and Daniel Bichsel illustrates these efforts.


Coralive Nursery in the Maldives


Beginning of 2020 I went to the Maldives to support coralive.org's coral restoration project. 

"Dive into our Mineral Accretion Technology Coral Nursery in the Maldives. It consists of 60+ tables with 10k+ coral colonies and fragments which are periodically harvested and outplanted in degraded areas. Learn about our technology and how our work contributes to the recovery of coral reefs."


Whales and Corals


Coralive.org and Ocean-Sounds.org, together with the movie director Daniel Bichsel, created this video to emphasize on the holistic approach on conservation. To ensure a healthy and balanced environment, we have to focus our work on the networks and symbioses we find in nature. A dependence of corals from whales and vice-versa might not be obvious, hence this video.




Alive below the surface - a freediving adventure


Jedes Mal wenn wir mit einem Atemzug abtauchen, kommen wir mit Erfahrungen an die Oberfläche zurück, die uns inspirieren und die uns das Leben immer tiefer wertschätzen lassen. Tauche ab mit mir, in die faszinierenden Unterwasserwelten der Philippinen und Korsikas. Tauche durch Fischschwärme hindurch, begegne Schildkröten und Haien und erlebe den Moment der Stille und die Freiheit des Freitauchens.