From struggle to ease...

In every moment, every situation and every action you take, ask yourself: How do I feel? Do I feel the way I intend to by taking this action? Do I already feel free, joyful, powerful (feel free to replace these with your values) as I take this action. Do I feel as I have time and freedom (again, replace these with what is really important to you and keep on doing while reading through), now? Am I experiencing silence, joy, freedom now. Or are you still taking actions and experiencing the moment like you have to put lots of effort into something to get what you want. To get that freedom, that goodness, that fulfillment? Are you still stuck in your old behaviours where you think you have to run after things and put lot of effort into it to finally get what you want? Just to have it for some time and then start the cycle of stress, anxiety, being overwhelmed, having too much to do and finally enjoying a little of the state you want as a result. What if there is another way? May I just invite you to take this as a possibility. Like a thought you allow yourself to think, just because its beautiful. The same way you pick a beautiful flower because you like the look and the smell of it. And then hold it as for long as it pleases you. And let it go ever after. Just keeping the sweet memory of the fragrance, color and shape in your heart and soul. In the same way you pick, enjoy and let go off the flower, explore how you want to BE. What you want to experience now. Heart, what do I want? What do I desire and then hold it the same way as the flower. Enjoy the thought and the feeling. And then, let it fade away gently, with the knowing that you can always go back there. That it is always there for you to have and to be experienced in your very own reality. You are loved, always.

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