Inspiration in the age of information technology. Or the proper use of the internet.

I hear many people blame the internet, which is a lot of time equivalent with Facebook :), about how IT is responsible for distracting them. And about all the bad and horrible things which are thrown in their face, day in day out.

Holding on to the believe that there is something or someone out there, who is doing this to us, makes us really dependent and we create a self inflicted limitation to our power.

Its us who decide and how we use it. If we take back our responsibility, everything changes.

I get sucked into the information flow of the internet regular as well again and again.

What did change for me is, that I focus on the things that inspire me, interest me, increase my energy more and more often.

If just ask myself, is this really the best use of my time? Is this what I want? If it is not a clear Yes! I let go. If it is a clear yes, it really is something that inspires me with the potential to make a real difference in my life.

My last inspiration. Endurance Test: Felix

What was the last thing you read or watched that really inspired you while surfing the net?

Focus more on stuff like this!

Have a wonderful day surfing the net :D

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