Discovering silence & freedom below the surface - my underwater journey

A whaleshark passing by during my time @ Ningaloo Reef

Since I can remember, I am drawn to the underwater world and its creatures that live there. I am drawn to the secret place under a blue and seemingly endless surface: a place to discover, a place to fear, a place to love. A place of incredible beauty and wonder. It feels as if a part of us is still out there. Represented by our subconscious, the place in our minds we usually are not aware of and which holds the secret blueprint that shapes our lives every day. Since then I am blessed with the most magnificent moments and wonderful experiences at and in the ocean. Large schools of fish surrounding me, sharks coming close watching with curiosity, schools of dolphins passing me, massive whale sharks majestically and effortless gliding through the water and huge humpback whales gliding by silently.

Sailing the waters of Sicily on one of our SilenceJoyFreedom adventures.

The one thing that really intensified this experience, was my decision to explore the ocean in silence, free and effortless. Like the underwater creatures themselves. What I didn't know then was, that I discovered way more than just the underwater world and its endless beauty. It was the start of the journey back to myself.

To me, there is no one definition of freediving. Freediving is what every single person experiences for themselves, once they hold their breath and start to dive. Exploring, experiencing, moving, enjoying, meditating, encountering and overcoming fears, reaching new depth or watching something in the shallows. Stretching limits or enjoying the very moment. The moment where time stands still and eternity becomes reality. For the time of a breath hold.

Kelp in the cool waters of Tasmania.

I would love to have you with me for this experience. And show you my world. Your world. Our world.I am looking forward to meet you in silence, where nothing has to be said anymore and the perfect moment just reveals itself from itself.Are you ready for this adventure? With love, Daniel

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