Does freediving exist?

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When it comes to freediving I like to keep things as practical as possible. When I freedive in a basic way I think the according name for this wouldn’t be “freediving”.

I swim, freely, float sometimes. I swim at the waters’ surface and below it. This swimming is not dominated by its underwater intervals, but it is a whole thing. It is a free swimming that includes floating and sinking, one that transitions gracefully from immersion to the surface and back.

So does freediving exist? Freedivers do exist – we can not be so wrong about ourselves. But who are we then? We are swimmers. Swimmers, who allow full immersion to be the most intimate, free, obvious and mystical part of our practice. And then there are freedives. They happen, necessarily, when one finds the according awareness through swimming. This can happen spontaneously or in dedicated practice.

So what about freediving then and why do I stick to this question? A second glance is necessary! Some things have been generalized, a lot is generally accepted. I don’t like the confusion of individuals that is produced. I shall write about this in later posts.

To reflect on “freediving” let’s consider it not an activity or sport, but a metaphor. A metaphor for the awareness that is letting us swim freely. Do you have this awareness?


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